The Carbo-FORCE technology


Garden's Best® Carbo-FORCE is an engineering process for the carbonization of organic substances. Classically, charring takes place as pyrolysis, i.e. under exclusion of air and with indirect heat input, from the outside by means of large heat exchanger surfaces. However, the commonly used pyrolysis proves to be suboptimal when viewed in more detail. The high equipment costs and the limited power density generally lead to comparatively high specific investment costs.


The newly developed Carbo-FORCE technology goes one step further here: the feedstocks are charred by the targeted injection of small quantities of atmospheric oxygen. This targeted sub-stoichiometric combustion is called partial oxidation. This is cost-effective and increases performance. The equipment required and the complexity of the process are significantly lower. At the same time, the simplicity of the process opens up a broad range of applications - even for difficult feedstocks.

Which feedstocks are used?

Almost the entire potential of the regionally available biomass, in the form of natural and untreated feedstocks such as wood, is used.

  • all types of wood and wood-like biomass
  • waste wood of categories I to IV
  • sewage sludge
  • fermentation residues from biogas digesting plants
  • poultry manure, dried slurry
  • organic production residues
  • bio waste
  • sieve overflows from composting
  • complex, difficult to separate mixtures of substances and composites with organic components
  • crop residues from agriculture
  • hygienically questionable waste materials, e.g. hospital waste, contaminated material, etc.

Clean energy ...

The Carbo-FORCE technology turns your waste into something wonderful. Garden's Best® uses an advanced thermal conversion process to convert all types of biomass, agricultural waste and processed municipal waste (MSW) into ultrapure synthesis gas that can be converted into electricity on site. With this system, you can balance the power consumption of your business, sell the electricity directly to the grid, or even meet all your electricity needs while reducing CO2 emissions in the ecosystem.

... and high-quality carbon

Our decisive product, in addition to energy, is Garden's Best® Biochar. A high-quality biochar with valuable applications in agriculture, soil improvement and air and water filtration as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our plant technology represents a system in which the highest possible fraction of the carbon contained in the biomass is incorporated in the biochar. The bound carbon is bound stably over very long periods of time, so that it does not return to the atmosphere as CO2.

Energy Balance of Garden's Best® Carbo-FORCE Technology

Due to the very compact construction and the high-quality design, only small losses occur. 93% of the energy bound in the feedstock is found in the products (heat and biochar). The material balance depends strongly on the properties of the input material, in particular on its content of minerals, which are found in the produced coal. Typically, the mass of biochar produced sums up to 25-30% of the dry matter of the feedstock.