Carbo-FORCE-X: The basic model

Compact footprint - easy to transport and install


The Carbo-FORCE basic model X is a plug&play containerized solution that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. This concept turns carbon-containing residues and waste materials into clean energy and valuable biochar. The heat produced is ideally integrated into an existing heating network and substitutes fossil fuels. The biochar is marketed at attractive conditions. What´s about environmental protection? At the same time, the environment is freed of CO2, since part of the carbon is not burned to CO2, but permanently integrated into the biochar.

The systems are proven, fully automatic, they can be operated and controlled remotely and neither use water nor generate any outputs for disposal.


The impact on the environment? Better than zero.

Advantages of the Garden's Best® Carbo-FORCE-Systems

Benefit from the advantages of the Carbo-FORCE system and support the environment and society!

  • Waste to Power - from waste to energy
  • Production of high-quality biochar or even activated carbon
  • high temperature heat as well as power can be produced
  • high plant availability at low operating costs
  • broad feedstock range
  • no expensive, wear-prone heat exchanger surfaces in the high temperature range
  • Simple process concept with simple apparatus design
  • extremely reliable

Exemplary operating results

Feedstock: Tree and shrub pruning (landscape conservation)

Throughput capacity: 200 kg/h
Moisture content: 11 %
Calorific value: 4,4 kWh/kg
Fuel heat input: 880 kW
Combustion chamber temperature: 985 °C
Biochar production: 48 kg/h

Properties of the produced biochar:
Carbon content: 91 %
Hydrogen content: 0,8 %
Oxygen content: 1,9 %
Nitrogen content: 0,8 %
Ash content: 5%
Specific surface area (BET): > 350 m²/g
Sum 16 EPA-PAK: 0,5 mg/kg
Calorific value of biochar: 8,6 kWh/kg

Useful heat output: 410 kW

Application examples of the biochar:

  • Food industry
  • pharmaceutical sector
  • activated carbon

Feedstock: Fermentation residue (biogas digestion plant)

Throughput capacity: 210 kg/h
Moisture content: 13 %
Calorific value: 3,6 kWh/kg
Fuel heat input: 760 kW
Combustion chamber temperature: 970 °C
Biochar production: 50 kg/h

Properties of the produced biochar:
Carbon content: 45 %
Hydrogen content: 0,3 %
Oxygen content: 1,1 %
Nitrogen content: 0,9 %
Ash content: 52 %
Specific surface area (BET): > 218 m²/g
Sum 16 EPA-PAK: 0,1 mg/kg
Calorific value of biochar: 4,4 kWh/kg

Useful heat output: 480 kW

Application examples of the biochar:

  • Yield increase in biogas digestion plants
  • Agricultural as a soil aditive
  • Production of Terra Preta