Environmental protection: CO2 negative

Garden's Best® advanced thermal conversion and waste disposal technology reduces harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and displace the use of fossil fuels. By producing biochar, so to say not burning a part of the carbon from the feedstock, CO2 is removed from the material cycles. In sustainably operated projects, this results in a CO2 sink of 3.5 t CO2 per ton of produced biochar or approx. 1 t CO2 per ton of feedstock.

In the large combustion chamber, temperatures higher than 900°C always prevail. This results in a burnout quality that exceeds even the strictest emission limits.

With the Carbo-FORCE technology you not only protect the climate, you even improve it.

Social responsibility


We are the managers of our natural resources and strive to protect and preserve our environment through our work. We push the boundaries of clean energy technology to create a sustainable future for the environment and the economy.

Within the framework of a cooperation with the nature conservation organisation Naturefund e. V.Garden's Best® disseminates and promotes the idea of CO2-negative energy generation using Carbo-FORCE-X in combination with the near-natural form of management "Dynamic Agroforestry". As the short Naturefund video shows, the combination of both techniques can create profitable synergies.


The results are:

  • Cost-effective energy generation from organic residues
  • Increase of soil fertility by biochar
  • high crop yields in agroforestry
  • permanent binding (sequestration) of CO2 in the biochar


A concept that knows only winners!